2017-2018 Calendar

Provisional school Year for 2018 - 2019 at bottom of page

School re-opens: Thursday 31st August 2017 @ 8.45 a.m.

October Mid-term Break 2017
Monday 30th October 2017 to Friday 3rd November 2017

Christmas Holidays 2017/2018
Closed @ 12 noon Friday 22nd December 2017
Re open on Monday 8th January 2018

February Mid-term break 2018
Thursday 15th and Friday 16th February 2018

St. Patrick's Day 2018
School closed Monday 19th March 2018

Easter Holidays 2018
Closed @ 12 noon on Friday 23rd March
Re-open on Monday 9th April

Confirmation Saturday 21st April

May Bank Holiday 2018
Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th May

First Holy Communion Saturday 19th May

Referendum 25th May - closed

June Bank Holiday 2018
Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th June

Sports Day
Friday 8th June
Note both junior and senior sports will take place on the same day
Junior (infants to second) starting around 9:45am until around 11:30am
Senior (third to sixth) starting around midday

Summer Closing 2018 Friday June 29th @12 noon

2018 - 2019 Calendar

(The expected school year for 2018-2019 . . . )
School re-opens: Monday 3rd September 2018 @ 8.45 a.m.

October Mid-term Break 2018
Monday 29th October 2018 to Friday 2nd November 2018

Christmas Holidays 2018/2019
Closed @ 12 noon Friday 21st December 2018
Re open on Monday 7th January 2019

February Mid-term break 2019
Closed Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd February 2019

St. Patrick's Day 2019
School closed Monday 18th March 2019

Easter Holidays 2019
Closed @ 12 noon on Friday 12th April
Re-open on Monday 29th April

May Bank Holiday 2019
Closed Monday 6th

June Bank Holiday 2019
Closed Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th, Wednesday 5th

Summer Closing 2019
Friday June 28th @12 noon